Window Tinting

Window tint from Penske Rapid Repair is unlike any other offered by our competitors. Utilizing patterns cut on digital plotters that are designed to exacting tolerances specific to your vehicle, we guarantee that you will be pleased with the look and feel of your newly tinted vehicle. We offer two types of tint that both carry a lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, and fading. These metal free tints will not hinder the connectivity of the intricate electronic devices found in today's technologically advanced automobiles. See below for the two types of tint that best meet your needs. Please call us directly at 858-223-4280, click below, or contact your service advisor to schedule an appointment.



Ceramic automotive window film is setting a new standard by combining high heat rejection with the absence of signal blocking metallic material.

  • NON-CONDUCTIVE - Safe for rear windows, AM/FM radios, GPS, satellite radio and security systems.
  • ENHANCED OPTICAL CLARITY - Utilizing the latest technological advances.
  • UV PROTECTION - Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.
    (Both UV-A and UV-B).
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Nationwide Lifetime Warranty to the original owner.
  • INCREASED COMFORT - Ceramic window films block up to 41% of infrared heat gain.
  • Available in 6 shades: 70%, 55%, 35%, 25%, 18% & 5%


3M Crystalline Automotive Window Films:
3M Crystalline Films provide unsurpassed infrared heat rejection from sunlight. This breakthrough technology allows the lightest tint to reject more heat than many of the darkest films available, with a rejection of up to 60% of the total solar energy and up to 97% of the heat-producing infrared rays.

3m Crystalling Films:

  • Help you see clearly and safely by allowing visible light into your vehicle while keeping heat out. They are available in a variety of tint levels, allowing 40% to 90% of visible light
  • Are non-metalized so they won't interfere with electronic devices.
  • Provide superior protection by blocking 99.9% of UV light with a total SPF of over 1000
  • Come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty



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